Reviews for Moyston Williams

Greetings My name is Moyston Williams (Willie) I have been working with Karandas Tours for the past 8 years and really enjoy doing tours with our visitors, I enjoy giving by best and seeing happy faces.

May 26, 2017

Hello Dwight,
I’d like to compliment your entire staff including yourself! You guys made our trip to Jamaica a dream come true! I was concerned about not being able to locate the drivers upon arrival but Willie, Ryan, and our last airport transfer driver (sorry I forgot his name) were easy to find and on time! I cannot thank your team enough for the excellent customer service we were provided. Even on our way back, a young lady from your office called to confirm our airport transfer after I mistakenly provided the wrong time. It is the diligence and hard work of your team that really helped us to enjoy our trip! I will definitely book with Karanda’s Tours the next time and any time we’re in Jamaica!
Sincerely, Ann J


May 10, 2017

Good Evening Mr. Soares:
It was a truly amazing and wonderful experience. We give it a 10 star rating. It was my birthday and we felt special and such VIPs. It was my mother, my sister, and myself on the tour. Willy was an exceptional driver and guide. He answered our questions without hesitation and he wasn’t annoyed with our questions. He gave us a bit of history of the island and showed us parts of Jamaica that are not usually seen by tourists. We were able to bond over the fact that we were all from the West Indies (My family and I are from The Bahamas). He also took us to get jerk and helped us to arrive to our port with time to spare. It felt like we were family or friends visiting with him for the day.
The H’eavens Scent zip lines were very good. The welcomed us with juice and gave us a briefing on what to expect. The also explained that safety was their first priority and at each leg and step they ensured that our harness was on securely. They were very patient with us and gave us time to gather our courage and breath. The guide that stood out was ‘Nicey’, he was great. He had the most patience with us and helped us through the whole experience. He even went above and beyond by taking pictures and videos of us without having to be asked to do so. The only fault I had was that I didn’t not know that one of the ziplines required us to climb a pole. I really wish I knew that, but then again, I most likely would have stopped myself from experiencing a wonderful view and thrill. However, I did experience a panic attack from having to climb that pole. I was scared of the height and my legs giving out on me and me falling to my death. Even though I felt that way, I was safe the entire time because they had me hooked to a rope. They were patient with me and helped to pull me up. They also gave me a few minutes to pull myself together before going down the zipline. I truly appreciated how they handled the situation. We had a great time and it was something to scotch off the bucket list.
Our time at the Calypso Tubing was also a wonderful time. They were patient and helpful. It was also a relaxing time. Dwight was our guide and he ensured that we stayed together and was safe. We did have to speed up the tubing a bit due to arriving a bit late, but it was still a good time. The river was beautiful and refreshing. I loved that it was a calming effect to the adrenaline rush of the earlier activity.
The money spent for the tour was worth it and we hope to be able to visit again and try another tour. Not until on our way back to the port did we realize that we really did receive the VIP treatment. We were the only three throughout the whole tour, from in the bus, to the ziplines, and to the river. We loved it! We were able to spend time with each other, do the ziplines at our own pace, and truly relax in the river. If that is not how it is usually done, you should totally include it, because it was awesome.
Thank you so much for the excellent tour. We will be recommending it to everyone we know and hope to experience more tours with you. I also recommend that you continue to work with the two companies because they did an awesome job. Willy told us that you rent out villas as well, maybe we will rent one next time and do longer tours. Keep up the awesome work!
Reisha R


May 8, 2017

Hi Dwight
Our tour guide Willie was fantastic. He went above and beyond to make sure our excursion was fantastic and his knowledge of the island and the history of the country was amazing.
I would definitely use your company again and will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone traveling to Jamaica.
Thank you once again.
Kind regards


May 1, 2017

Our driver we had was great, he was friendly and informative. He gave us a background of Jamaica and answered any questions we had.


April 22, 2017

We had a wonderful time! Our driver Willie was great and the tour guide Little T at blue hole was wonderful. The tour was better than we expected and will definitely recommend to anyone traveling to Jamaica. We hope to be back soon ourselves.
Thanks again,


April 7, 2017

Hi there – we loved our driver. He was on time, pleasant and interesting. I like when they tell us about anything related to the local people and landscape – culture, history, facts and other things. It was a great day and we would use your service again.
Thank you
Melisa Hoodhood


Febuary 2, 2017

Everything was excellent and we had a great time. Willy (our driver) was very nice and an excellent driver. He made us feel safe and was asking us if there was anywhere else we wanted to go, in addition to our two excursions for Dunns River and river tubing.
I’m so happy I booked with you!


Febuary 1, 2017

Dwight awesome today mate. Will highly recommend your company on trip advisor when I get home.
Ps willy is a credit to your company really really nice guy.
Thanks again


January 12, 2017

We had a great time on the kayak/tube. Our driver arrived right on time at villa, was informative on drive to tour. Guide on the river was great as were the people at the beach area.
All-in-all, it was a good experience and I’d recommend it to others.


December 21, 2016

We had an awesome experience! We loved our driver–he was very sweet and talked to us all about Jamaica, we really enjoyed him. We had a ton of fun on the zip lines and the swing and everyone who helped us was awesome!


December 11, 2016

Hi Dwight,
Like every time in the past, your transfer service and drivers more than met our expectations for hassle free and quick airport to hotel and hotel to airport transfers!!
We will be coming back next December again – and I will certainly contact you for our transfer needs!!
I always mention how well your service performs and how friendly and helpful your drivers are whenever I talk to someone that is need of transfers or tours in Jamaica.
Thanks for your assistance,


November 27, 2016

Hello Dwight,
Your services fully met my expectations both ways, to the hotel and back to the airport. Willie and Uton arrived on time, drove safely and told us a lot about Jamaica/ answered our questions.
I will absolutely use Karandas in the future and have no problem recommending your company.
Best regards,


November 25, 2016

Thank you Dwight
Our experience with your company was amazing from beginning to end. I would highly recommend this tour and your guide to anyone in the future
Dianna R


November 22, 2016

Dear Dwight,
The excursion was a big success.
We were met at Falmouth in the parking area by several guides who directed us to wait for our guide. They know you. We ere 20 minutes early. About 10 minutes early, William drove up. He was such a pleasant and polite gentleman the entire day, telling us stories of his town where he grew up and his upcoming trip to the USA.
Everton was with us on the river. He is very nice and extremely safety conscious, which we all appreciated. The river boarding experience was quite fun compared to a gentle float the other people did.
Dunn’s river falls was nice. We did not use a guide there.
Thanks again,
Gary S


November 12, 2016

I am actually putting a review on trip advisor about our experience. Nothing but good things to say. we ended up having the horse ride with the hooves company that looks like you work with.


November 8, 2016

Your tour exceeded my expectations. Willie was awesome and gave us lots of freedom to do what we wanted to do. Met us where promised, showed us around, ensured we were in good hands and made sure he was in the area when we wanted to get back to the ship. I would highly recommend your company and when back in Jamaica, I will definitely use you again.
Kudos to Willie


November 3, 2016

Thank you and your staff for an amazing experience. Willie was great!!!!!!!!


September 10, 2016

June 13, 2016

Hi there,
This day was hands down our favorite of the entire trip. Secret Falls was absolutely amazing and our guide there was superb. Willie was a great tour guide and took the time to explain a lot about the Jamaican culture and environment that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.
Thanks so much!


June 1, 2016

Willie was awesome! We loved his insights into the Jamaican culture and all his knowledge of the area. He has a wonderful attitude about life and it was really nice spending the day with him. He is a great employee and a wonderful person. Please let him know our experience with him for one day in Jamaica was one we will always remember. We hope to be back soon!
Lori L


May 27, 2016

Good Morning,
The excursion was amazing. We had an awesome time. The driver was very pleasant and helpful!
We will definitely recommend it!
Prixila R


April 30, 2016

Hi Dwight,
Just touched down in NY- thanks again for providing transportation for another great week in Jamaica! And FYI Willie was a great driver this afternoon!
See you next time!


March 7, 2016

Dearest Dwight,
We had a grand time in Jamaica…. from beginning to end. I was a bit worried when I found out that MSC changed the port of arrival to Ocho Rio. I was glad to be able to get a message to you prior to our arrival. I again got a bit nervous upon departing the ship and not being able to locate the driver… but it all worked out in the end. Our driver (Willy) was great. I rode in the passenger seat for the entire trip and felt completely safe as we sped up the mountain to the zip line facility. My friends in the back were a bit more concerned with the narrow streets and sharp turns. The Zip Line was terrific. The young men who guided us were extremely professional and we all had a great time. Willy took us to Dunns River Falls… I think my friends enjoyed that even more than the Zip Line. It was crowded at the falls… but that did not seem to deter them. I, however, preferred the Zip Line… probably because of the personal nature of the experience. It was just the five of us… away from the crowds of the ship passenger’s. It was the personal touch that made the excursion very memorable.
Thank you
Michael C


Feburary 24, 2016

Our tour guide was excellent. Our ship arrived late and he worked with us. The tour (other than the jungle rope) was exactly as described and the beach was beautiful. Our tour guide asked us if there was anything that he could do for us. It was just the 2 of us (the tour on another island was cancelled when it was just the 2 of us )so the whole tour was great. I would highly recommend this tour.


Feburary 17, 2016

Hi Dwight,
Thank you and Karandas Tours for providing us (6 adults) with an enjoyable day on Jamaica.
We were taken from the Falmouth Cruise terminal by ??? to our driver Willie. Willie provided us with safe transportation to and from the Green Grotto Cave and Dunns River Falls.
Doug Taylor


Feburary 7, 2016

Our tour with Willie was great. The White River tubing was both thrilling and relaxing. Lunch at Jerk Central was excellent, as was the music. Then Dunn’s River falls provided a beautiful conclusion to a fun filled day. Along the way, Willie gave us insight into local life, and showed us a bit of the local sights, hats off to you and Willie.


Feburary 3, 2016

Thank you, we would like to respond with some comments!
We enjoyed our driver very much, he was courteous and we
felt safe with him.
Our trip to Dunn’s River was fantastic and we felt very
safe with our guides and had a great time.
We also enjoyed the river trip but did not think the company
was professional nor was our guide who was not very friendly
or fun!!
Thank you!


January 30, 2016

Willie did a great job – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him -and when I get a chance to pop on trip advisor I will leave only positive comments for your company and Willie – he is great guy and we really appreciated him sharing his island with us. Thanks!


January 26, 2016

Thank you for your service. Your driver was very prompt for both of our rides and very friendly and welcoming.The price was very fair and we will definitely recommend to anyone we know visiting Jamaica.


January 6, 2016

We had a fabulous time; our stay in Jamaica was the highlight of our trip. Our driver, Willie, was the best. He was polite, answered my wife’s endless questions about Jamaica, politics, money exchange, real estate, etc. without any hesitation. He obviously if not formally educated, is a very intelligent person, and best of all, a gentleman. We sincerely appreciate his patience with us, taking us off the beaten track as requested, and also to a local flea market to shop with the true locals. His driving skills were excellent, which I am sure he saved us many times from sure disaster in the crazy traffic. If we have the opportunity to come again, we will certainly book with your firm. We also have no hesitation in referring others to you. We also had a great time with the snorkeling crew; they are great. I was not able to snorkel due to my mustache not sealing the water out, but had a great time chatting with the captain of the boat. You should use them again. They also are gentlemen and very patient. Thank you for a great time!


December 9, 2015

We had a wonderful time. Chris was just great. It was my first time on a 4 wheeler so Chris rode with me. (courageous man) LOL. In no time I was relaxed and riding like a pro. Thank you so much to Chris. And thank you all.
Candi J


December 9, 2015

Blue Hole was our favorite part of our entire cruise! The driver was great.


December 8, 2015

Good day Dwight,

Yes a highlight of our cruise was this excursion with Willie our driver he was suburb. The experience at Duns River Falls accelerating that too of the ATV journey thrilling and the guides were excellent, thank you!

Will definitely send business your way whether directly or indirectly.

Cheers and best regards,



November 27, 2015

The Bob Marley tour was my absolute favorite. As a Bob Marley fan, it was surreal to visit his grave and birthplace. And for the price of this tour, we received much more than we could have imagined.


November 17-24, 2015


Had a great time with your service. I can’t say enough wonderful things about our driver, Willy. He was awesome! He was always punctual in picking us up, and he was informative about everything on the island and was quite knowledgeable about the history of Jamaica and in general. Willy looked after us throughout the trip and was an excellent driver, host and tour guide. We will refer your service to anybody we know visiting Jamaica in the future, contingent on the driver being Willy. Excellent service – thank you very much!

Chuck A


October 6, 2015


We enjoyed our tour with your team.

There was a bit a wait and some confusion at the port when we first started in the morning. We were supposed to meet at 8:30am but I don’t think we met our driver until about 9am.

When we went to the Secret Falls, the guide was really good and did a good job showing us the falls. Sorry I forgot his name.

For the Tubing excursion, our guide was great as well. Sorry I forgot his name but I believe it started with Hall….. Something like that.

Thanks again for a great experience.




September 7, 2015


Our experience was awesome and will definitely be booking again when we return to Jamaica! Willie was an absolute delight to have as our driver and I would highly recommend him to anyone I know planning to go to Jamaica. Your prices were super reasonable compared to other tour excursions I looked at and overall it was excellent!

Trang N


August 6, 2015

Hello Dwight,

I have nothing but praise for Willie, our driver/guide last week. He was prompt at the cruise port, informational and courteous at every turn.  He gave us clear information about the schedule and was on time for all meetings.  Further, he gave us some local color about the people, customs and – especially – the independence day celebration.  We would be very pleased to tour with Willie the next time we’re in Jamaica.

Furthermore, the staff at the riding stable were equally enjoyable.  They were patient and gave us a great tour that helped to make our vacation.

We’ll not hesitate to book with Karandas when we visit again.


Rick Swope

Atlanta, GA USA


July 29, 2015

Our driver Willie was fantastic!  He was prompt to pick us up and to

guide us to the Blue Hole and Dunn’s River Falls, and he got us back
to our ship with plenty of time to board.  We spent 6 hours with him,
and he was a perfect guide.  He also pointed out some historical
background of Jamaica and shared highlights of his country.  I will
recommend him and your company very highly on Trip Advisor.



June 4, 2015


I forgot to tell you our driver, Willie, deserves a special praise for a job well done. He was great throughout the adventure.



May 25, 2015


We had a wonderful time in Jamaica and looking forward to visiting again in the future. Our driver Willy was pretty great! He was enthusiastic and knowledgeable in informing us about the history of Jamaica during our ride. Thanks again for the great experience!



May 16, 2015

Thank you Dwight for everything we had an amazing time and your services were super we love our driver Willie he is awesome and was able to show us your beautiful island we will be sure to come back at some Point thank you again for everything!!!


May 8, 2015

Willie was an amazing driver. He went above and beyond to make sure me and my boyfriend had a great time in Jamaica. Willie did more than just take us to the excursions, he gave background to the country, showed us places around the ochos rios areas beyond the excursions, and even took us to get authentic Jamaican cuisine. I hope that Willie enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed him. He made our vacation one to remember. Thank you!

Anita and Jerry


April 15, 2015

Hi there,

Willy was fantastic.  Had a great time at Dunn’s River Falls.  Everything was well organized from beginning to end and we would definitely recommend your services.

Thanks again,
Alana Smith


April 9, 2015

Yes, this was absolutely perfect.

We had a private tour reserved and Willie was our driver. I would request Willie again and would refer him to any/all tourist.

Upon our arrival at Blue Hole, we were met by Mike. The 2 seemed to know each other and worked together as a great team.

We never felt unsafe on the tour or with our belongings. They were both great with the kids.

Again, everything we smooth and as planned.

Thanks again,

Kenny Fussman


April 1, 2015

Our driver Willie was the best. He made sure we were always happy and safe and he was so nice. All of the tour guides at blue hole were super fun and amazing. They all deserve a raise!!!! Give them more pay. They work hard and deserve it.

Pretty Eyes


March 30, 2015

Hi Dwight,

I am Holly Baker, Adam Baker’s wife.  We really enjoyed our river rafting excursion in Falmouth which we took on March 30.  Thank you so much for accommodating our change of port from Falmouth to Ocho Rios.  We really appreciated that you responded so quickly to Adam’s email about our port being changed.  Our driver, Willie, did a great job and was very responsible as was our driver, Charlie, from last year.  He was very informative in pointing historical things out to us on our drive.  We liked the rafting trip and thought our tour guide, Roy, did a great job.  We will continue to recommend your company to others traveling to Jamaica.

Thanks again,

Holly and Adam Baker


March 16, 2015

Dwight, I just wanted to let you know we had a great time! Willy was a wonderful tour guide, we couldn’t have asked for a better guide.

Thanks again for your help,


January 20, 2015


We were hesitant to visit Jamaica based on past trips to the island. Our experience with your company and especially Willie changed our impression of Jamaica. This ended up being our best stop on the cruise. Willie was friendly, informative and provided exceptional service. We felt very safe with him and appreciated his additional advice and help. The trip to Dunn River Falls was enjoyable even through it was quite a ride from Falmouth. We enjoyed his personal touch, experiences and stories. The price was very reasonable and the van was comfortable. The customer service exceptional.

Thank you and be sure to thank Willie. He was awesome!

Anne Pingree and group


January 28, 2015

I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your company. We had a wonderful time and couldn’t have been happier with everything and everybody. I’m sorry buy I forgot our driver’s name but he was very nice. The man that took us to and from the fishing boat was super nice to us and even took us to a local place to eat before dropping us off at the Cruise Terminal. I will be glad to highly recommend your company to people interested in going to Jamaica.


Mary Annette Lambert


February 2015


We just wanted to express our thanks and appreciation for a wonder trip made possible by your team. We had a great time and our driver took great care of us. We discovered that he is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Our whole group comprised of Witnesses. Our driver mentioned that his boss is a Witness as well. Would that be you? Either way, thanks again for a great time and we all enjoyed ourselves and the excursion very much.


Jake Fleischer


March 10, 2014

We had a wonderful experience the whole time during this excursion. Willie was our driver and he was GREAT!!! What a nice and personable man. We also enjoyed the Dunns Falls as well as the catamaran boat ride. My family had a fantastic time. We appreciate the time Willie spent with us as well as the way he interacted with us.

Willie was also our driver for the Negril trip to Margaritaville and Rick’s cafe. We really appreciate the time he spent with us. That was long day. He was very kind and did a fantastic job keeping us safe and making us feel welcome. Rick’s was amazing!! What a view! I will honestly say that this was one of the most memorable vacations we have ever taken. Everyone was so nice! That doesn’t happen everywhere you go. It was nice to have such wonderful customer service with each and every person we came into contact with.


March 13, 2014


There were only 4 in our group so it was like a private tour. The driver was courteous, timely, and we felt safe the entire trip.

Once at the starting point of the rafting company, we were asked to put on safety gear and proceeded to the start with a personalized guide. The trip down the rapids was fun and exhilarating, but too short!

We went to a private beach after and enjoyed a fantastic swim in the warm waters of Jamaica.

Overall, it was a great trip and I highly recommend this to anyone.



March 14, 2014

Our horse back riding and Dunn’s River falls excursion was a highlight of our trip. Both experiences were well organized and enjoyable. We would recommend this (and have) to others as a great way to see and do two main attractions in one day and still have time to spend back by the pool at our resort in the afternoon.



May 12, 2014

Yes, you guys were wonderful. A little confusing at the drop off because I think Carnival had to change where they docked. But Willie, I think his name was, was a WONDERFUL guide. He went above and beyond to make sure me and my boys felt safe, secure and had fun… He deserves a tip.. Great time and wonderful pictures and memories.. Thanks


May 20, 2014

Our tour to Blue Hole was great. The driver and guide were both really good and we appreciated not being hounded to buy other things. Blue hole was fantastic, but a little more physical than expected.

Wil Nickerson


June 24, 2014


Besides the long drive to Ocho Rios; the driver, guides, and excursion was excellent. We would definitely recommend this tour to others.

We thought that the Secret Falls was the best excursion of our cruise. I believe our guide was Tony and he was great. We were up for anything and he took us through the various parts of the river and let us dive off of different parts. My kids are older (21 and 19), so this was something even fun for them. We can’t believe that we were diving off of water falls and from 20’ above the water. Very cool and it was not commercialized so there were not many people there. Only downside was the bumpy ride on the dirt road. I will have to say this was one of the best excursions we have done over the years. It took me a while to find this excursion, but glad that I did.

Thanks for organizing everything and providing us some fun on our family vacation.



July 10, 2014

The service and experience definitely exceeded our expectations. We had a great trip and are so happy we used Karandas Tours.

See below for my 5 star review I put in Trip Advisor.

We booked this online directly through Karandas Tours. I paid deposit through PayPal and paid the rest in cash when we got to there. We got off the cruise ship in Falmouth, followed the Tours Signs, right past the blue tents where everyone was lined up that booked to Royal Caribbean we went to the right and our Guide was there waiting on us. We got in a van with several other couples and then met up with our Personal Guide Willie who was with our family the rest of the day. Our family was the only one in the van. He did an amazing job giving us a lot of history on Jamaica, even pulling off the road a few times to show us things. He first took us to Dunn River Falls, he had a cooler with some water for us waiting. He gave us great tips on what to do and avoid at the Falls. We rented a locker for $5 at the Falls, waste of money, Willie said he would keep it in the van for us- we should have listened to him and took him up on the offer 🙂 He did keep our stuff while we rafted and it was all there safe and sound when he picked us up! He was waiting on us, with a cooled off van when we were done. We then drove to the River Rafting. Our Guide was Iotola- who was amazing as well. He also gave great info and then gave us a tour of the small falls at the beginning of the River Rafting. This was a BONUS! This was better than Dunns River Falls in our opinion because it was just our family, not so crowded , he took a lot of pictures for us. We then got in our raft, he joked with us, told us riddles and even serenaded us while we paddled. There was some friendly spraying of water on another raft that we came up beside as well. The rope swing was great fun for our teens as well as us. At the end we went to the beach where Willie was waiting for us to take us back to the boat. I am SO glad we didn’t book through Royal Carribbean. This was less expensive and I think a better tour! We felt completely safe and well taken care of. Thank you Willie and Iotola for a great experience!


July 17, 2014


Just wanted to take the time out and say thank you for our wonderful snorkeling adventure, out of Montego Bay. My friends and I had a awesome time. Especially for being a non swimmer, you make your guest feel really safe and comfortable with the personal lifeguards. Also special thanks to Richard & Shane, they were great, along with rest of the staff.I will definitely be recommending your company, and use again when traveling to Jamaica.



July 23, 2014

This excursion was the highlight of our trip! We had two adults, three teenage boys, and an 11 year old girl. Everyone had a blast!! Our driver was easily found, pointed out some highlights on the drive, had drinks for us and got us to our spot. The guides for the falls were incredible! They were helpful, hilarious, and very entertaining (and crazy!) ALthough there were a few things we weren’t able to do because the water level being so high, the falls far exceeded our expectations. We loved jumping off the rocks over and over again until WE were tired. And floating down the river was simply gorgeous. Having a mango snack was a nice treat as well. Absolutely no complaints whatsoever and would recommend to anyone traveling to Jamaica.


September 4, 2014

Our white water rafting trip was perfect from the beginning to the end. All the staff were very friendly and helpful. Our river guide was great fun and we had a blast! The private beach was truly private and the food was great. We all agreed this was the best excursion we’ve ever experienced in Jamaica. Thank you all for a great time!

Joann Simpson


September 10, 2014

Thank you Dwight. Our tour guide was excellent. He went the extra mile by stopping to get us some Jamaican fruit. He was friendly and knowledgeable. We had a very good time.

Overall we had a great experience and we loved the blue hole!

Thanks for putting it together at the last minute.

Stephanie Jorgensen


September 17, 2014

Hello Dwight –

Everything went according to plan and we had a lot of fun in Jamaica.

We loved the river tubing, although it was really short – we would have loved to have kept on going!

Our driver, I think Willie was his name, was a pleasure and treated us well. He shared many interesting facts about your country.

We will be returning to Falmouth next summer and may book another trip with you. We had good lunch at Scotchie’s and would live to try another place next time – any recommendations?




October 4, 2014

Willie was our tour guide and he was fantastic. His driving was safe, he was very accommodating, he gave us a verbal history of Jamaica along the way. He provided us with a very good experience. There were 10 in our group and we were all very pleased. Thanks for a great tour and trip.

Schlandria Henderson


November 14, 2014

Thanks Dwight, everything was awesome from start to finish!!


February 15, 2013


We had a wonderful time in Jamaica. The transportation was perfect. Our driving was a lot of fun.. I would definitely recommend your services to my family and friends.




February 20, 2013


We really enjoyed our tour. Willie, I believe that was the name of our tour guide/driver, was so nice and sweet. He picked us up and dropped us off right on time. We would go with you again next time we are in Jamaica and will recommend you with our friends.

Thank you,


November 13, 2013

Greetings Dwight,

Finally getting around to replying, but I definitely want to reply. Booked the private tour for Bob Marley/Dunns River Falls online. Everything went smoothly until we got off the ship and watched everyone leaving on their excursions but my wife and I. After a good 30 minutes and a call (or two) from one of the Security gals that seemed to be in charge, Willie showed up. I think that security girl felt sorry for me cause I was sweating my butt off out there. Don’t know if Willie was called in last minute, but he turned out to be our hero. He was sincerely sorry for us having to wait, but he got us in that van, cranked up the air conditioning, and got us out of that craziness at the port. Once we got on the road it was “all good, mon”. Willie was great. We felt comfortable and safe with him right away. He wasn’t one of those over-bearing tour guides, but he was very knowledgeable about his country, as well as others. Turns out he’s a geography buff. Cool guy! So from that point on it couldn’t have been better. Heading up to St Ann in the mountains it was beautiful. Got to stop often for nice photo ops. Got to see some of the small villages and a better feel for how folks live away from the port city. At the Bob Marley compound Willie was there to take care of everything for us. We were able to take our time and not be on a timetable like the group tours. It was great. We headed back down the mountain to go to Dunns River Falls and Willie gave us advice on the vendors we would encounter. He wasn’t lying, so tourists beware. Again at Dunns River Falls, Willie took care of everything. we just walked in and he waited until we were ready to go. That’s where my fun ended. I stepped in a hole at the falls and came hobbling out to see Willie parked right in front waiting. He came running with an umbrella and a helping hand. He was ready to take us to even more sights, but I was done for the day. I told him to take us back to the ship but asked if he could stop somewhere for some water and some Jamaican currency to take home. I didn’t want a touristy shop though. Willie stopped at what was a local convenience store kind of place. Nice place, nice people. From there he took us back to the ship where we all hugged and said our good-byes. Please let Willie know that I did break my foot there and I’m in a boot for 6 weeks and that we had a great time! To be honest, this was the best day of our 7 day cruise even with the broken foot (memories).

Gary & Esther
Tucson, Az


November 13, 2013


Our tour was great. In fact magical. Thank you for everything. Everything was on time and everyone was patient with the large group we were traveling with, which was much appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Alexa Knox


November 29, 2013


We had a great time at Dunns and Dolphin Cove, and were looking
forward to Negril tomorrow.


June 1, 2013

Our driver and transportation was good. Thank you!!!

T. White


January 11, 2012

Just want to say thank you for the great tour you set up for us this past Wednesday. Willie did an outstanding job of touring us around and showing us all the sights in and around Falmouth. He is very knowledgeable about the Island and shared it with us. He is also very courteous and is an asset to your company.

Again thank you.

Walt and Betty Petersen
Del and Tara Pogue


January 12, 2012

We loved our visit to Dunn’s River Falls, But I will only comment about our tour company – Karandas Tours. Our guide was great and it was a good time overall.


February 1, 2012

Hi Dwight,

I’m so glad you contacted me. We had a wonderful time in MoBay and our driver Willie was great! He was very good at telling us about the island and answering our questions. His patience with the senior members of our party was a pleasure to see. When some of our party wanted to stop for coffee and rum, he took us to a local supermarket and helped with getting us the right prices. At lunch he took us to Scotchies and explained all the dishes to us and helped us to order. All in all we were extremely pleased with how Willie took care of us. In fact, both my parents said MoBay was their favorite stop and talked about Willie the rest of the cruise!
You can be sure I will be singing Willie’s praises to anyone who will listen. My husband and I are already looking into returning to Jamaica and I will definitely be contacting Karandas Tours.

Thank you for helping make Jamaica such a wonderful experience for us and tell Willie to remember the flies! (He’ll know what I’m talking about.)


February 9, 2012

As requested, here is some feedback on our experience. Kudos to Willy!!

I’m pleased to let you know our group had an exceptional time in Jamaica with
your company. Willy was waiting for us when we got off the boat and treated us
with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. When our zip line experience
took longer than expected Willy worked with our group to make sure we got to do
all three of our booked excursions. (Willy might have had extra incentive to
make sure we got back in time, I told him if we missed our ship we were all
going home with him!) Dunn River Falls and the White River inner tubing were
both great fun and I’m thrilled we got to do everything. This would not have
been possible thru our ship, they had two of these excursions linked together
but not all three. It was working thru a smaller, more personal company like
yours that allowed us to experience all of these Jamaican excursions.

The price was more than fair and way less than what the cruise ship would have charged us.

I am extremely happy with my experience with Willy and your company. I have a
friend who will be in Jamaica soon (Ronnie DiBenedetta – one of our dance pros)
and I highly recommended your company to him.

Hope to be back soon to enjoy your beautiful Jamaica again!

Be Well!

Donna 🙂


February 14, 2012

Hi Dwight,

The tour was great, the driver was very friendly and pleasant and the trip beyond exceed our expectations!! Our driver was very knowledgeable and told us a lot about Jamaica throughout the long drives.

Also, my boyfriend proposed in the Lagoon, and I guess our driver knew about it before it happened! The only thing I felt bad about was his long drive home at the end of the day. Jamaica was lovely and if we come back we will for sure be using your service again, thank you very much!


February 15, 2012

Thank you for the follow up email. We had the best excursion experience. Our driver and guide was promptly at the required pickup location. The Montego Bay pier information desk staff helped us get connected. The transportation van quality was good and appreciated the air conditioner availability. We thank you for taking us to Rose Hall. It was all we could have wanted and more from this excursion. I was so glad we had such a friendly and outgoing driver/guide. We adored chatting with him throughout the day. We learned a lot about Montego Bay development and the government initiatives. I was delighted I had a lengthy opportunity to swim at Doctor’s Cave beach and shop at the craft market for my little paintings. Please thank our driver , he did an excellent job. Definitely will recommend him and your services to our friends that travel to the area. We hope to use your services again in the future. Nadine


February 22, 2012

Our guide was very nice. We enjoyed having the our guide point out animals etc. along the way and tell us some history of Jamaica.
Thank you.


March 28, 2012

We really enjoyed our tour in Jamaica. Our driver, Willie, was great. He really looked out for us and made sure we got to where we needed to be on time and picked us up promptly. The zip lining at H’Evans Scent was very fun. Mr. Evans and his crew did a wonderful job there. The Dunns River Falls was a lot of fun and we appreciated that Willie led us to the Falls personally and was waiting patiently even though we took a few minutes longer than expected. I would recommend Karandas Tours to others arriving off of a cruise ship to avoid the herding experience most ships offer.



July 16, 2012

Dear Maureen and Dwight, I just want to thank you all for the wonderful day our family had in your beautiful country this past Monday. Willie was incredible!! He was were funny, informative, courteous and overall excellent with our group. We did the Dunn’s river falls and the river tubing, the guys at the tubing outfit were excellent, we all had a great time in the beautiful river,

See attached picture of our group at the falls…

I will make sure to put the word out about your tours, you were all a delight to do business with!

I cant thank you all enough.

Til the next time…..

Eddy Caballero and family


December 28, 2012

Our Cruise was delightful. The crew was very accommodating and entertaining.. Our kids loved dancing with the girls. The food was delicious. The guides helped at the FAlls for those who climbed and those who did the steps. Maureen asked if they overly asked for tips, but only at the end of the trip was it mentioned. They did try to sell shirts and hats but that was o.k. Our bus driver made a special effort to get us back as we got late somehow, All in all, it was a very special day for us and we appreciate all the excellent service. Thank you, Ethel Zale