Reviews for Rudy Gordon

I am Ruddy Gordon (Razzle Dazzle), I have been working with Karandas Tours for many years and enjoy doing tours and showing visitors what Jamaica is really like! You will definitely have a good time with me.

June 1, 2017

Thank you for the follow up, I will start off by saying our driver was absolutely wonderful. He had a very sweet deminor and was very pleasant person all around. He got out and opened the door for us every time , he stayed the duration of our trip with the vehicle. Which was very convenient considering we went back and forth to the vehicle to grab things often. In my opinion he was one of if not the best driver in Jamaica. We got to each excursion in a timely fashion without being scared for our lives along the way. Which in Jamaica and in my experience is rare. Hands down he is the best !!!
Carina S


May 30, 2017

Hi there,
This excursion was incredible! It was so nice to get away from the tourist-y attractions and be one with nature. My fiancé and I really enjoyed our tour guide, Errol (Erol? I’m sorry, I don’t know how he spells his name); he was very informative and kind-hearted. We seemed to have a very personal connection with him, and he certainly made the incredible rafting experience even better. We will definitely be recommending this tour (and especially the tour guide) to everyone we know who goes to Jamaica in the future.
Thank you!
Mollie S


March 15, 2017

Hi Dwight!
Our driver, whose name unfortunately escapes me, was great. He was courteous and patient and good humoured. There was confusion when we went to the shopping centre at the end of the excursion because some other members of the tour decided to leave and walk back to the pier without notifying the driver. The driver patiently tried to track them down and remained professional during this frustrating time. Actually the only negative of the tour was the other tour members; as they were all family/friends, we were made to feel by them as outcasts who had infringed upon their tour. It’s really unfortunate because as it turns out we are actually all Canadians!
Thank you so much for providing us with this once in a lifetime opportunity. We will use your services again if we are ever fortunate enough to return to Jamaica, and will refer you to acquaintances.
Warm Regards,
Christine D


Feburary 24, 2017

We had a blast on the catamaran! It was awesome!! We had 21 people in the group and Everyone had a wonderful time! Beach Mama’s performance was a hoot!! We loved it!


January 4, 2017

If I were to leave a review online…which I will…it will be glowing review.
Rudolph was our driver. He did an excellent job and was very knowledgeable in answering the MANY questions both the adults and kids had on our excursion. When we got to the Blue Hole Dante and Shane met us and got us ready to head to the falls. We were a large group of about 18, 9 of which were my family. Dante and Shane handled our group beautifully. It was clear that they knew the falls well and knew exactly what they were doing. They knew each rock to step on and where every drop would be. They took our hands to guide us when necessary. They made us feel extremely comfortable in the setting and the activities we took part in. I had my 18 month old grandson with us and they even took turns holding him when we were navigating trickier parts of the falls or jumping off the falls. They were fantastic!! We had 100% trust in their abilities and felt extremely comfortable with them. I just literally can not say enough good things about these two guys. Please tell them thank you very much for making sure we all had a great time. It was probably my favorite excursion on all three ports we visited.
We are extremely grateful we selected this excursion for our family. Dante and Shane were the absolute BEST and we would request them immediately if we were to return to Jamaica. Thank you for sharing part of your beautiful country with us. I will tell everyone I know to come and take this same excursion from you. Thank you!!
Paula A


December 26, 2016

Hi Dwight,
Thank you for asking about our experience. The Blue Hole & Secret Falls excursion was the highlight of our entire trip. There were 11 of us in our party. 3 of our family members had intended to just observe and not participate in the excursion, but our guides were AMAZING and took great care of my elderly parents and physically challenged nephew. We all had a most wonderful time, and were very grateful that our guides went out of their way to assure that all of us were involved and had a great experience. They even filmed and photographed the experience for us with our cameras. They treated us as if we were family. So grateful.
God bless,


December 14, 2016

Everything was great, nice job guys!!!
David H


November 24, 2016

Our excursion was really good!! We had so much fun!! The driver was very accommodating as well. I have already referred a friend who is visiting Jamaica in December and would be contacting you for the same.


November 14, 2016

Thanks for reaching out! We had such a great time on our excursion!!! Rudy was so great and knowledgeable and accommodating! We fell in love with Jamaica and will definitely be back and will most definitely book another excursion with Karandas Tours!
Victoria W


September 05, 2016

Hi Dwight,
I believe our driver’s name was Mr. Rudy (please forgive me if I am incorrect, as we had a few drivers during our time in Jamaica). Mr. Rudy was nothing short of a pleasure to work with. He was fantastic, and I cannot emphasize that enough. He arrived at our resort in plenty enough time, and was kind enough to wait on other individuals in our party to arrive in the resort lobby (which we understand can be a frustration when given strict timelines). We had a very large travel group; 13 people total, 11 of which were originally scheduled to attend the tour. Prior to departure from the hotel, the final two individuals decided to also attend! Mr. Rudy was kind enough to make sure that the tour/excursion would be able to accompany them, and we were well on our way! The drive from Mo’Bay to Ocho Rios was beautiful and fun. One of the members of our group conversed with Mr. Rudy the entire time! We still arrived at the beach with time to spare prior to boarding the party boat. Everyone had a great time on the party boat, and the staff was phenomenal. Everyone was so kind, and fun. We had a great time. Those who snorkeled thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Boarding the boat was seamless each time, and there were always gentlemen present to help people on/off.
We all enjoyed climbing to the top of Dunn’s River (with no injuries!). The staff there were also very kind, helpful, and energetic, making for an even more enjoyable excursion.
I think our group had the most fun on the party cruise back to the beach. Once again, the staff were fun and energetic. We thoroughly enjoyed the rum punch and beef patties. Our group danced with the staff, laughed and joked, etc. I think we were all a little sad when it was over.
Mr. Rudy was there to pick us up once our excursion came to the end. We asked about local souvenir shops, and he was kind enough to take us to one so that everyone who wanted souvenirs could purchase them (everyone was able to get something they’d wanted). While on the way back to our resort in Montego Bay, our group realized that we would not make our 7:00 pm dinner reservation (this was our own fault as we should have made the reservation for 8:30 pm). Mr. Rudy kindly took us to Scotchie’s and waited for all 13 of us to get our food (which was amazing, by the way), and finally we were dropped back off at our resort for the night.
I would 100% recommend Karandas Tours Ltd. to anyone traveling to Jamaica. I know that there was a bit of back and forth initially between you and me with booking the trip, but I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate you all’s patience and swift, accurate responses to my emails and/or phone calls.
I look forward to booking excursions through Karandas Tours in the future! Thank you all for making our trip to Jamaica all the more memorable.
Maya M


August 31, 2016

Our driver Rudy was fantastic! The next time I am in Jamaica I will be using you for my transportation need


July 28, 2016

We were VERY pleased with our service we received. We will absolutely use your services again upon returning to Jamaica, which plan to do. Ruddy was our driver and he GREAT!! Super sweet man!! He told us history of Jamaica, pointed out landmarks, and was so willing to accommodate our needs and wants.
Thank you again for helping put the final touches on our perfect vacation!!!
Catherine H


July 27, 2016

Hi Dwight,
We had a great time in Jamaica, and your tour (kayaking on the Rio Bueno river) was enjoyed by all. I arranged the kayaking tour for a group of 16 (my family and 2 other families). Everyone had a lot of fun.
The tour guides and transportation service did a great job. All tour guides (Ayotola, Curtis – kayak tour guides; and Rudy – shuttle driver) were professional, helpful and were a pleasure to be around. They were conscious of keeping everyone safe and at the same time helped to make sure that all had a good time.
Our group plans to post positive reviews about your services, and would be happy to work with you for any future excursion and transportation needs in Jamaica. Have a great weekend.


June 24, 2016

Everything about the tour from the driver of the bus to the guides at the falls were amazing. The girls on the boat were so nice and got us all up and dancing. The entire group had a lot of fun and talked about it for the rest of the wedding! We can’t thank you enough for making it such a wonderful experience. Your entire staff should be treasured as they are a fantastic group of people!
We are already telling our friends and family to look you up when the go back to Jamaica, and I know we will, too!
Thank you again for everything!
Laura Y


June 08, 2016

We booked an offshore fishing trip with Excursions in Jamaica. Right out of the port there was a shuttle waiting for us and quickly took us to the dock where the Marling Madness was idling and ready to go. Before we got on the boat, the driver asked what our plans were after the fishing trip and we told him we would probably purchase the bus passes at the port for 20$ per person. He told us he would see if he could get us a better deal. The boat backed right up to the dock and we all safely boarded and met Capt Billy and his mate Jumpy. They were great, and although we didn’t catch any fish, they worked very hard trying and it was a great boat ride. Drinks, beer and snacks were included. When we got back to the dock, the driver (don’t remember his name) got us a much cheaper price to tour the Island. He took us to eat at Scotchies which was some great authentic food and then took us shopping for souvenirs. He made sure we were comfortable and safe. We can’t thank you enough for our great outing in Jamaica. We will definitely book with you again. Thank you,
Terry O


June 02, 2016

Hi Dwight, I have been meaning to email you to follow up with our experience. I can not tell you enough how happy we were with our experience and our driver Rudolph. He was such a nice man and was willing to go the extra mile for us. He was easy going and a great tour guide. He deserves a lot of praise! We traveled as a family of 8 and he was accommodating throughout the whole trip. Not sure if you know him well, but he also has such a sweet heart and his love for his family and friends really touched us.
Our trip to Dunn’s River and the Blue Hole exceeded our expectations. We LOVED each experience in different ways. Stopping at Scotchies on the way home was also a great treat. We really enjoyed eating at the local restaurant and the food was fantastic.
I found your company through a google search and then on trip advisor while we were already on vacation and felt it would be a perfect match for us. Thank you again for helping with booking and being so quick to respond. It can get a little difficult while in Jamaica with only WiFi so we appreciate the emailing back and forth. I have already left a review on trip advisor and will recommend you to everyone we know traveling to Jamaica. Hopefully we will be able to return soon, your country is so beautiful and can’t speak highly enough about the people who live there. Everyone is so warm and friendly with an easy going lifestyle which is very refreshing.
Thank you for all you do!
Natalie G


May 17, 2016

I was beyond happy with the services provided. My expectations were far exceeded. Myself and group had an amazing time in Jamaica and a large part of that was due to the services provided by our driver Rudy Gordon. My group are still talking about the exceptional service received. Rudy was always on time, he was always smiling, he was a cautious driver, always putting our safety first. He gave us suggestions, information about Jamaica and other tidbits to make our trip memorable. Rudy was loved by our entire group! We had a wonderful wedding, as well as memorable excursions all of which were a result of booking your company and having Rudy as our driver. I will certainly be booking with you again for the next time we visit Jamaica, I will also recommend your company to any friends and family who travel to Jamaica and I have even provided your information to the travel agency that I booked with, this way you might get some additional group bookings! I will also write a trip advisor review recommending your company as well as Rudy as a driver.
Thank you again for arranging and providing us with exceptional services and a special thank you to Rudy!


March 1, 2016

All the service that we received through your group were outstanding! Our driver was friendly, knowledgeable and flexible. He was right on time at our resort and easy to spot with the sign. He even stopped at scotchies on the way back to our resort for us to get lunch. The guide at blue hole was great too. He had tons of energy and made the excursion a lot of fun! The booking process was simple too. I would recommend blue hole and your tour group to anyone traveling to Jamaica.


March 1, 2016

Hi Dwight,
This is the second time we have been to Jamaica in two years. Olive, the guide, and the driver, Razzle Dazzle (?), were beyond great. We love that we were able to have our own private tour with the fifteen of us. This made it extra special and personalized without having to pay an extra premium.
Olive was knowledgeable and attentive as the age of our group range from 2 to 82 years old. Everyone had fun and we certainly enjoyed the side trip of getting Patties and Jerks.
I would definitely recommend your company for excursion for anyone visiting Jamaica.
Thanks Olive and Dazzle for a wonderful trip and getting us back on the ship in time.
Dr. Kathy L


February 24, 2016

The excursion was very great and the driver too. I will keep your name for other excursions or if I have customers who go to jamaica.
Thank you


January 13, 2016

We had a great time our driver Rudolf was great and our guide for the snorkeling was the best went out of his way to please tell him thank you for us


November 24, 2015

Our excursion was wonderful! Our guide was great and we felt so lucky to be taking our own excursion that was going where we wanted to go rather than on a bus with 50 other people being told where they were going. Thanks so much it was awesome!
Cheryl LeFevre


November 18, 2015

My sister planned an excursion for the blue hole and I loved that excursion. Absolutely amazing experience!
I would definitely recommend your company to anyone I know travelling to Jamaica and I will definitely be a repeat customer when I do come back to Jamaica.


August 20, 2015

Hi Dwight,
The driver and guides were excellent, all very friendly and informative. I will definitely be using your services the next time I am in town, which I hope is soon!


July 1, 2015


We had a recent visit to Ocho Rios on 1 July as our cruise ship made a stop there.   Our guide for the day was Rudy, also known as Black Chini, and he was a wonderful guide.  We were the only family on his bus that day and he was so friendly and took us to all the stops we wanted to go to.   He helped make our experience in Jamaica very memorable. Sincerely,

Beth Davis


June 29, 2015

Good Afternoon,

I apologize for not responding sooner. We had a wonderful driver and an excellent experience at Glistening Waters. The company was on time, organized, and friendly.

We will definitely utilize this company next time!

Thank you

Lauren Fischer


June 28, 2015

Hi Dwight,

Thank you for a wonderful experience. Rudy, our driver, was so friendly and knowledgeable about the island. He made sure to point out key facts along the way to our excursion. Would definitely book with you guys in the future.




April 26, 2015

Hi Dwight

Hope you are well.

On behalf of our friends and family who visited Jamaica between the 19th and 26th April, would like to say a huge thank you to Rudy our driver for the transportation that he provided during our stay.

Rudy was extremely friendly, very pleasant and a very professional and safe driver – we felt in very safe hands.

I also would like to thank you for the assistance that you provided with the activities admission costs etc. and the very simple booking process involved. Should i come to Jamaica again i will definitely use you guys – I also have no hesitation recommending you to friends and family that may visit Jamaica in the future.

Thanks again and all the best.



March 15, 2015

Good Morning Dwight!

Our tour was thoroughly enjoyable!  The bus driver was quite knowledgeable, safe, and accommodating.  He made a quick convenience store stop for us on the way back as well.

Our guides at both the Blue Hole and at the river tubing were great as well.  I cannot recall their names but both made our trip very enjoyable.

I would certainly recommend your services to other travellers and would be sure to contact you again for future needs.

Many Thanks



March 9, 2015


We did a tour with you on Monday to the Blue hole and we loved it!!

Our driver Ruddy was 1st class!! And really made it special for us.



February 19, 2014

Dwight, just wanted to say everything worked out great for our excursion in Jamaica! We had a great time and the driver was awesome!

Thanks again for the memories.

Maureen Kutschinski


March 11, 2014

We had a great time and the driver was nice and always there for us


March 12, 2014

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The transportation was great and the excursion was awesome! I would recommend Karandas Tours and would love to come back. Thanks for a great experience!



March 26, 2014

Let me say this very clear, FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! Other than Ms. Moses falling at the Montego stop, nothing went wrong. Rudy was perfect, & if I return, I would like to use your company again. If Rudy is free, I would not have any problem him driving me around.

We plan to return, I will give you a call, a perfect agenda and a perfect result. Thank you for such a good time.

Thank you,
Richard (Dick) Morrison


April 15, 2014

No complaints. Driver was on time, friendly, and all went as scheduled. High marks. All had a great time.


March 5, 2013

Mr Soares,

Our excursion to Negril was the best day of our trip. The driver was on time (10:00 am) very nice and cordial. He gave us lots of information while driving, pointing out interesting places and facts about Jamaica. He gave us lots of time at Margaritaville and Rick’s Cafe.

We could not have asked for any better! I will definitely recommend your company to any of my friends going to Jamaica.


Christian Vautour


March 7, 2013

Thank you for the great time we had at the Dunn River Falls, it was better than expected. We were picked up at our hotel by Rudolf (Rudy) on time and he was one of the friendliest drivers. We stopped at a few shops on the way to, and also on the return trip. Made the trip extra special. Once again, thank you


March 21, 2013

Great excursion!!! Enjoyed every minute. Thank you Mike


April 17, 2013

Dwight….. thank you… we had a wonderful time, your driver Rudolf did a wonderful job… thank you !

William Moore


November 19, 2013

Thanks so much! I will definitely leave comments. Can you look up my reservation and remind me what our guide’s name was? He was awesome and very patient with us. We loved him and the tour!



November 27, 2013

We had a great experience and loved our driver. It was the best experience we had on the cruise trip.

Corinne vick


December 4, 2013

Dear Dwight,

Our group had a great time in Jamaica and thanks for the excellent service.

Thank you very much and sure we will recommend our friends to use your service if they need.



December 18, 2013

Dear Dwight,

Our group had a great time in Jamaica and thanks for the excellent service.

Thank you very much and sure we will recommend our friends to use your service if they need.



January 8, 2012

Thank you for checking in. Our excursion was great.

Christa Harrington


January 12, 2012

Hi Dwight,

We are back at the ship now. Rudy did a great job for us.




March 12, 2012 – Rudy

Excellent Service!



May 17, 2012

We took a tour on May 17th with Rudolph as our guide. He did an exceptional job, including finding a missing member of our tour. I would use this service again and advise anyone to use Excursions in Jamaican.


December 31, 2012

Hi, Dwight,

We were pleased with the services. Particularly the drivers picked us up on 12/24. He also drove us to the river activities on 26th. I was sorry I did not leave tips for him since he did not drive us back to the resort.

We definitely will use your service again and pass your information to our friends.

Thank you,


October 10, 2011 – Dunn’s River Falls & River Tubing Excursion – Rudy

Just want to drop a few lines to you all, we had a fabulous time and felt very special, our driver was really great and went out of his way to accommodate us, besides the Falls and the River tubbing he took us around the town a bit and let us some duty free shopping also had the best food ever. Kudos to you all. Leesburg Fl Crew.

Anne KamKim Deolal
May God be with You