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Blue Hole, Secret Falls and Dunn’s River Falls from Falmouth

The Blue Hole and Secret Falls is probably the most sought after tourist attraction in Ocho Rios. There are many unknown waterfalls in Jamaica, but the secret in Ocho Rios is the most accessible one. Travel east of the Ocho Rios town for approximately 4 miles, pass through local communities and then head into the rural hills until we get to the remote Irie Blue & Secret Falls attraction.

The Blue Hole is deep and a lot of fun for good swimmers and divers of all ages. The White River’s blue hazy water adds to the beauty of the surroundings.

Included in this attraction for thrill seekers is a Tarzan Rope swing after which you can jump in the river pool, you may explore small caves, climb behind the water falls, go cliff diving into the river, hike along the river and get covered in clay from the river bank.

Bask in the sun, enjoy the cool breeze in the hills, and spend a day in the Jamaican bush enjoying the beautiful surroundings away from the crowds associated with larger tourist attractions. This is an off the beaten track attraction that supports the local economy, you will be assisted with guides and trained life guards as you go through the property, they are eager to help you enjoy this one of a kind attraction. Bathrooms facilities and changing rooms are also available at the Secret Falls.

We guarantee that you will enjoy this experience, consider it to be your #1 attraction and go away with many memories of adventure and fun. After you have finished climbing, its time to the world famous Dunn’s River Falls. It’s one wet adventure after the other.

Your driver/guide will take you for a 15 minute ride down toward the coast until we arrive at the world famous Dunn’s River Falls. When you arrive at the falls you will be oriented by our guides briefly before making the climb. There is a stairway adjacent to the fall that goes all the way down to the beach. At the base of the Falls on the beach is where you will start your climb of this 600 feet natural wonder, for all those of you who are adventurous. The climb is not hard, but an easily navigable fun experience.

For those who do not want to climb, but prefer a less adventurous experience, the beautiful impressive sights of the falls alone are worth it. These visitors may view the action from the adjacent stairways and the beautiful surroundings all to the sounds of gushing water on the falls. Dunn’s River Falls and park consist of a beach with water sports activities, a Craft Market, picnic areas and Food Court, but the main activity is climbing the Falls – which is a fun group activity!

The Park requires that you wear (Aquamarine) water shoes to make this wet but easily navigable climb. If you don’t bring your own they can be rented or purchased on property.

The park also provides guides to assist you with your climb. there is no charge for these guides but it’s customary to tip them. They take groups of fifteen or more persons on the climb up the Falls. They are really helpful during your climb and will help you to enjoy the experience more. However, using a falls guide is not mandatory and left up to your comfort level and confidence in making this journey. The climb to the top of the falls takes (approximately 45minutes) from the base on the beach.

If you do not want to continue your climb at some point during the journey or would like to start at a particular point on the falls, there are several points along the way of the adjoining path that you can easily access the River.

Be sure to bring your water proof camera as there will be many opportunities to take pictures of this unforgettable experience. However, if you forgot to bring your camera there are several photographers available to capture all your special moments. Dunn’s River Falls is a wonderful experience, we have taken groups who have made the climb up to three times in one visit!!

Over decades Dunn’s River Falls has offered millions of explorers an instant connection to nature but also has concessions such as Blue Mountain Coffee, hair braiding and Baskin & Robins.

From Dunn’s River Falls your guide will take you on a short ride along the north coast and then either back to your ship or to the Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville where you can go on the pool slide, drink some cocktails, jump in the water trampolines, do some last minute shopping for rum and souvenirs or take a swim at the Margaritaville beach before returning to your Cruise Ship Pier or Resort.

  • Visit the Blue Hole & Secrets Falls, view or climb the falls
  • Trained Life Guards and guides included at Secret Falls
  • Round trip transportation included
  • Blue Hole Guides included
  • Family Friendly Tour
  • Enjoy the Pools in the river great for diving and swimming
  • Climb the falls and hike along the River
  • Swing on the Tarzan Rope and jump into the river
  • Hike Dunn’s River Falls
  • Go cliff diving into the river
  • Climb behind the secrets falls
  • The cost of lunch is not included in rate quotation given
  • We also offer private group Tours

The following options are also available after your excursion:

  • Enjoy some Jamaican lunch, this includes authentic spicy Jamaican Jerked Pork or Chicken along with unique side orders like Festivals and Bammy. (The cost of lunch is not included in the excursion rates)
  • Visit Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Sports Bar and Grill by the Beach.
  • Duty Free Shopping in town and or shopping by the Craft Market.
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  • Tamara T

    Re: Blue Bole, Secret Falls & Dunn's River Falls Excursion from Falmouth
    We had a great time. Steve was our driver. He was great. He let us decide where we wanted to spend most of our time. We did a similar tour last year and loved it also.


  • Dustan & Renee W

    Re: Blue Hole, Secret Falls & Dunn's River Falls Excursion from Falmouth
    We had a wonderful time! We had many different excursions over our week long vacation and our trip to blue lagoon and dunns river falls was by far the BEST part of our vacation! Our morning started out a little rocky when the driver locked his keys in the van but he quickly found a solution and was the best guide ever! He was full of knowledge and taught us so much about the island and also entertained us. Thanks to Donald for a GREAT day trip!


  • Tricia H

    Re: Blue Hole, Secret Falls and Dunn’s River Falls from Falmouth
    We had a great time in Jamaica, and was especially impressed by the professionalism displayed by Dexter your employee. He was calm and assuring when another group was late to arrive for the tour in the morning, and remained committed to assuring our best experience despite long waits at Dunns river. Despite waiting a few extra minutes for our video to be made( he gave us tips ahead to save time even), he organized an expedient delivery of the Cd, and absorbed all anxiety regarding the time it took to make the trip back to Falmouth. Although he was being encouraged to leave to take us back to the ship by office staff ( my husband overheard), he calmly addressed the situation quietly, departed as instructed within 5 minutes with the CD in our possession, and still got us back to the ship with well over an hour to spare. He gave us instructions throughout the day which saved us time, and contributed to a memorable experience as well. He is very relatable, and a fine professional representative for your company. Furthermore, the office staff was very helpful and reassuring prior to booking, which made me confident to select your company. Also, your product pricing is competitive, and that was very much appreciated. I will recommend your company to those visiting Jamaica.


  • Jane H

    Re: Blue Hole, Secret Falls & Dunn's River Falls Excursion from Falmouth
    We had a wonderful tour. I unfortunately don’t recall our driver’s name. We had excellent guides both at the Blue Hole and at Dunn’s River Falls and enjoyed the day.
    Thank you again! I am planning to submit a very positive review of your company on Trip Advisor which is where I found you and your high ratings.


  • Leah K

    Re: Blue Hole, Secret Falls & Dunn's River Falls Excursion from Flamouth
    Good afternoon,
    Everything was great on our tour. Our driver was respectful, courteous, knowledgeable, funny and friendly. The bus was also comfortable!
    Thank you very much.


  • Sanjana K

    Re: Blue Hole, Secret Falls & Dunn's River Falls Excursion from Falmouth
    Thank you for organizing the tour. Everything went off really smoothly and me and my friends appreciated all the efforts put into getting the tour guides, and arranging everything at both Blue Hole and Dunn’s Falls. The guide at Blue Hole specially was extremely helpful, and I would definitely give him 5 stars! No complaints about anything.
    Thank you and good luck!
    Sanjana K


  • Dawn N

    Re: Blue Hole, Secret Falls & Dunn's River Falls Excursion from Falmouth
    We loved our day in Jamaica. We had excellent service and our driver went above and beyond to accommodate us. We can not wait to visit again. You helped to make our Christmas vacation a huge success. Thank you! Happy New Year!!
    Dawn N


  • Premila A

    Re: Blue Hole, Secret Falls & Dunn's River Falls Excursion from Falmouth
    Our excursion was really good!! We had so much fun!! The driver was very accommodating as well. I have already referred a friend who is visiting Jamaica in December and would be contacting you for the same.


  • Mauro C

    Re: Blue Hole, Secret Falls & Dunn's River Falls Excursion from Falmouth
    Good morning,

    despite the weather, Eric (the driver) and Little T (the guy that was with us on the first excursion) were amazing.

    We will come back for sure.

    Thank you

    Mauro C


  • Allan X

    Re: Blue Hole, Secret Falls & Dunn's River Falls Excursion from Falmouth
    Hi Dwight,

    Overall, everything met our expectation. I appreciated your flexible tour that made us could visit both Dunn’s River Falls, and not so popular Blue Hole Secrets Falls. We had a lot of fun at Blue Hole.
    If visit Jamaica again, we will definitely use your service.

    Allan X


  • bean

    love blue hole
    this was a great experience!!!! awesome excursion. had an excellent guide and really watched the time for us. we were a bit rushed at the blue hole but whole family got plenty of play time. blue hole was the icing on the cake. duns river was really crowded but we took the falls without the guides & was really fun. our driver managed our time well which was good because we didn’t have a lot of it. would do this excursion again if able!!!!!


  • Gina G

    Re: Blue Hole, Secret Falls & Dunn's River Falls Excursion from Falmouth
    Hi Dwight,

    Our guide was great. We have used several services in Jamaica as we travel there often and he was probably the best we have ever had. We have used your company in the past and the guides were ok but this time, our guide was excellent. He is super intelligent and conversational regarding both Jamaican and world politics and current events. He is very personable and pleasant to spend a day with.

    We saw you at the blue hole and wanted to say hi but you were in the middle of something. Maybe next time.

    Thanks so much!!!!



  • Kathy L

    Re: Blue Hole, Secret Falls & Dunn's River Falls Excursion from Falmouth
    Hi Dwight,

    This is the second time we have been to Jamaica in two years. Olive, the guide, and the driver, Razzle Dazzle (?), were beyond great. We love that we were able to have our own private tour with the fifteen of us. This made it extra special and personalized without having to pay an extra premium.

    Olive was knowledgeable and attentive as the age of our group range from 2 to 82 years old. Everyone had fun and we certainly enjoyed the side trip of getting Patties and Jerks.

    I would definitely recommend your company for excursion for anyone visiting Jamaica.

    Thanks Olive and Dazzle for a wonderful trip and getting us back on the ship in time.

    Dr. Kathy L


  • Mary M

    Re: Blue Hole, Secret Falls & Dunn's River Falls Excursion from Falmouth
    We had a phenomenal trip and was extremely pleased with our drivers. Steve and (the name escapes me). The information about the island was nice along with a couple of interesting stops (queens highway and Columbus park). We loved climbing the falls and seeing lots of Jamaica traveling to the beautiful blue hole! What an experience! Can’t say anything bad about our excursion! We created memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you for your service!


  • Antonella E

    RE: Blue Hole, Secrets Falls & Dunn's River Falls Excursion from Falmouth
    Hi Dwight
    We got home safe today. I wanted to take. A moment to thank you for Roberts excellent service. He went out of his way to cover our needs specially with a baby. I hoe we can come back soon. We also found out you are a brother and we would lento visiting in the future and maybe visit a congregation. Thanks for everything.


  • William G

    Re: Dunn's River Falls, Blue Hole & Secret Falls Excursion from Falmouth
    Our driver Willie was fantastic! He was prompt to pick us up and to
    guide us to the Blue Hole and Dunn’s River Falls, and he got us back
    to our ship with plenty of time to board. We spent 6 hours with him,
    and he was a perfect guide. He also pointed out some historical
    background of Jamaica and shared highlights of his country. I will
    recommend him and your company very highly on Trip Advisor.



  • Shanda V

    Re: Customized Blue Hole, Secret Falls & Dunn's River Falls Excursion from Falmouth
    We received great service from Hermin and our guides (Keydon at Blue Hole and Mr Harris at Dunn River).

    Jamaica was the best stop on our vacation and this is partially because of the wonderful services we received from Hermin and the others!

    Shanda V


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  • Available: Daily
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  • Child Age Limit: under 11yrs
  • Under 3yrs - FREE
  • Entrance fees included

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